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12 More by The Honeydogs

 Sometimes an artist just needs 12 more songs to summarize their career. Case in point...

A fixture on the Minneapolis indie music scene since the mid-1990s, The Honeydogs swing from alt-country to bar rock to Stax-style rock 'n' roll to Beatley power pop. Since the artistic high of 2004's 10,000 Years, the band has put four additional records of smart, solidly-constructed tunes. 

Since songwriter Adam Levy has a gift for one-liners, I'll limit my commentary to a favorite line from the song.

Check out 12 by The Honeydogs for a summary of their first 8 years. And if you have Amazon Music Unlimited, you can listen along here.

1) "Too Close to the Sun" (from Amygdala, 2006)
"I have no regrets, only epithets"

2) "Mrs. Ketchup and the Arsonist" (from Amygdala, 2006)
"Jettisoned up to the stars / Close to god, but no cigar"

3) "Amygdala" (from Amygdala, 2006)
"Too good for words, too good for me, too good to be true"

4) "Stash" (from Sunshine Committee, 2009)
"Well is it written on my forehead, 'I'm gonna crash?'"

5) "Sunshine Committee" (from Sunshine Committee, 2009)
"Analog rules in a digital world"

6) "Aubben" (from What Comes After, 2012)
"Beware of the murder of crows in your backyard"

7) "What Comes After" (from What Comes After, 2012)
"She's like candy / It's never better than the first time / Savor it / Don't devour in a gluttonous haste"

8) "Better Word" (from What Comes After, 2012)
"Shame begets shame and lies beget lies / and the glimmer of humanity disappears from your eyes"

9) "Smile To Yourself" (from "Indomitable" single, 2015)
"Witches will burn / opinion will turn"

10) "Devices" (from Love & Cannibalism, 2016)
"Doors are closed on the avenue of the righteous"

11) "Wheels" (from Love & Cannibalism, 2016)
"Our tank is on empty / We'll make it on fumes"

12) "Look Through the Sun (Photokeratitis)" (from Love & Cannibalism, 2016)
"Whole milk in the veins / cupcakes for brains / battling for billboard space in the endzone"


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