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136. Sloan - Never Hear The End Of It (2007)

There are 30 songs on Sloan's new album, so here are 30 reasons you should give a listen: 1. Canada. They can use our love and support. 2. The album's title is the second line of the song. 3. The artificially-colored band portrait on the cover; every one of their 8 albums has featured some sort of depiction of the band. 4. The pink background on the cover. Who says it's for girls? 5. The non-stop programming, a la side 2 of Abbey Road . 6. Every time you use a urinal made by the Sloan company, you'll have songs to hum. 7. All four band members write songs (though they are all credited to the band), switching vocal and instrumental duties. If you listen enough, the individual composing styles begin to emerge. 8. The harmonies in Listen To The Radio and Right Or Wrong . 9. For those of you who believe cheapness is indeed a sense, the album is a great bargain at 76 minutes of quality at the price you might pay for an album half that long. 10. The Dylan sneer in Who Ta