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36. Prince - Musicology (2004)

As a devoted fan, this is what you dream about: your beloved artist, long considered past his/her prime, releases an album that stands shoulder-to-shoulder with their best work. Elton John did it a couple of years ago with Songs From The West Coast , but it's a very rare event. So here we have Prince, who is not only content to release a good, consistent new record. No, he has mounted a full-on return to form accompanied by a performance at the Grammys, induction into the Rock 'N Roll Hall Of Fame, and an extensive tour. And he's getting more press than an elevator button (most recently and notably on the cover of Entertainment Weekly). Of course Prince is saavy enough to know that without the critically lauded new album all of that is nothing but a nostalgia trip. So he has whipped up a seemingly effortless collection that's easily his best album in 9 years ( The Gold Experience being the last, and some might argue with that). In those years Prince has followe

First Quarter Report

Here are five bite-sized portions from the first quarter of 2004: 31. Loveless - Gift To Th e World This debut effort from Boston-based veterans of the '90s rock scene (including Jen Trynin on guitar and back-up vocals) has a lot of power pop pleasure in it. Male-female harmonies, great melodies, and buzzing guitar hooks dominate. But there's an overwraught angst in the lyrics that doesn't jibe with the joyfulness of the music. I can't decide how to feel when I'm listening. Rating: B Fave Song: Beautiful 32. Air - Talkie Walkie I've always felt I should like this French electronic duo, but it took three albums for that to happen. This is wonderful chillout music: spacy, interesting, inoffensive. Despite those adjectives the music avoids emotional detachment. It's perfect for going to sleep and waking up. Rating: B+ Fave Song: Cherry Blossom Girl 33. Get-Up Kids - Guilt Show Check out for a well-written, insightful review (I hate getting