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Rock Solid: Madonna

"If you only own one album by Madonna it's gotta be [insert masterpiece here]." Welcome to  Rock Solid , where we fill in the blank. Our goal is to pseudo-scientifically determine the best, the beloved, the most classic album in an artist's catalog. Here's how it works: I've consulted two main sources. The  All Music  Guide  provides the professional  critical point-of-view and  offers the fan perspective ( because most people who choose to review albums on  Amazon  are adoring fans of the artist in question) . The album with the highest combined  rating from both source s is the one I'll consider the best. An artist's entire body of work is eligible, with  one exception:  No compilations  ( i.e. greatest hits).   In each case, I'll also share my personal favorite album by the artist in question, as if you care. * * * Let's start by acknowledging the fact that Madonna doesn't have a masterpiece album. There's no transc