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277. "Weird Al" Yankovic: Alpocalypse (2011)

Just when I thought I was out... Last year I did a marathon review-every-"Weird Al"-album project. Honestly, it was more "Weird Al" than any person should have to experience in a short period of time. But now, Al's back with a new album, Alpocalypse , and duty compels me to throw in my two cents. I actually already wrote about 5 of these songs, because Al released them 2 years ago as the Internet Leaks EP . I wrote then that this was somewhat of an odd strategy, and I still feel that way. It essentially means that a little less than half the new album is actually new. It's also disappointing because, as you'll see, I didn't much care for 4 of the 5 songs on the EP. Following the format of my past "Weird Al" reviews, let's take a look at Alpocalypse . Parodies: The album leads off with Perform This Way , a take on Lady Gaga's anthem Born This Way . There was apparently a misunderstanding about this song, with Al going to gr