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100. Prince - Batman (1989)

I was 12 years old when Tim Burton's Batman movie came out and I could not have been more excited. I was an unapologetic comic book geek, and seeing one of my comic book heroes brought to life was nothing short of astounding. Of course now, every other blockbuster is based on a comic book, but those were dark times. Batman was our only shining light. I waited in a long line, decked out in bat symbol gear, got the cups and toys from the fast food restaurants, collected a nearly complete set of movie trading cards, read the novelization and just got completely obsessive. We like to look back on times like that and laugh with the gravity of age and maturity. But I'll admit; I haven't changed much. Consider this: Prince performed here in Minneapolis this past Saturday night with his newest protege, Tamar. The minute I heard this was happening, I jumped on my computer, logged into the member section of the NPG Music Club, and bought two tickets. And at the show, I geeked out as

99. Jenny Lewis with The Watson Twins - Rabbit Fur Coat (2006)

Attention female singers! Do you desire critical acclaim and a rabid fan base comprised almost exclusively of music geeks? If so, make a country soul record, and watch your dreams come true before your very eyes! Jenny Lewis has been with us for awhile - first as a child actor, then as singer for Rilo Kiley - but she made the scene in a big way in 2004, both with Rilo Kiley's third album More Adventurous and her participation in Ben Gibbard's Postal Service project. She's sexy in a cute way, she writes her own songs, and she's a little more than likely to break your heart. She's the darling of indie boys and girls, and her debut solo album will likely cement that status. It begins with a bit of strummed guitar and then an a capella burst of harmony, courtesy of the bill-sharing Watson Twins. The introductory piece is called Run Devil Run , and it's the first of many refrences to spirituality. The Big Guns mentions the afterlife, begs for mercy and asks &q