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12 by Ra Ra Riot

Here's the drill: 12 songs to summarize an artist's career, in chronological order (of course). This one features... Influenced equally by '70s AM gold soft rock, Electric Light Orchestra, late '70s/ early '80s new wave, and mid-'80s dance pop, Ra Ra Riot has released five albums, each one as-good-as or better-than the last.  Because of the way they wear their influences, Ra Ra Riot's music creates a disorienting-but-extremely-pleasant nostalgia. So making  this list was very difficult, especially in having to omit songs such as "Beta Love," "Water," "Suckers," and "This Time of Year." If you have Amazon Music Prime, you can listen along here . 1. "Too Too Fast" (from  The Rhumb Line , 2008) Combines '80s dance synths with a little bit of the Strokes and a a little bit of the Talking Heads, then stirs until combined. 2. "Dying is Fine" (from The Rhumb Line , 2008) Lyrically the chorus borrows fr