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12 from 2021

Every year since 2003 (coincidentally, the year I started this blog), I've made a compilation of some of my favorite songs of the year. I didn't realize it until just now, but working on all of the "12 by..." and "12 More by..." features clearly influenced me to choose exactly 12 songs for 2021's mix.  Here they are... 1. Tuns: "Words and Music" 2. Weezer: "All My Favorite Songs" 3. They Might Be Giants: "I Can't Remember the Dream" 4. Kings of Convenience: "Angel" 5. ISLA: "12 Bars" 6. Citrine: "Feelings Change" 7. The Suburbs: "Found a Place" 8. Foo Fighters: "Medicine at Midnight" 9. The Killers: "The Getting By" 10. John Mayer: "Last Train Home" 11. Justin Courtney Pierre: "Illumination" 12. Green Day: "Pollyanna"