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152. The New Pornographers: Challengers (2007)

The unique thing about The New Pornorgraphers is that there's no clear hipster consensus on which of their albums is best. One camp says their debut, Mass Romantic , was the bee's knees, and subsequent albums have been a disappointment. Others find the first album too strident, and believe the group really got it together on Electric Version . Still others feel Twin Cinema was where it all came to fruition. Critics and the fans who care about them love nothing more than a good galvanizing mass opinion, regardless of whether or not there's any truth behind it. This would seem to speak well of the Pornographers, saying that each of their albums has merit. And go ahead and try to find me a critic or fan who has bad things to say about band leader A.C. Newman's solo jaunt The Slow Wonder . You won't be able to do it. The New Pornographers' new album Challengers , is actually getting some comparisons to The Slow Wonder . This is good. But in the same breat