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Refrigerated Love: The Complete Discography

Since Wikipedia has repeatedly denied submissions for an entry on Refrigerated Love, I'm using this blog to present you with the official discography of the band, including albums, compilations, solo albums and bootlegs.

I. Albums:

Refrigerated Love (1981)
1. Okay Then
2. The Ballad of Colin and April
3. Just Enough To Squeeze
4. Stolen Girlfriend
5. On the Other Hand
6. Exactly Right For Me
7. Gretchen
8. Still Life in Mono
9. Not a Soul But Us
10. That Hurt

Plant Lives (1982)
1. Foilage All Over You
2. Best Buds
3. Sequoias of Your Heart
4. Talk To Me
5. Love Sprouts
6. Gettin' My Hands Dirty
7. In With The New
8. Reap What You Sow

Defrost Before Heating (1983)
1. Nigel's Party
2. Big Promotion
3. Questions About You
4. Beneath the Strawberry Sky
5. Men and Women
6. Isn't It Neat
7. Mona Lisa
8. Valleys
9. Tell the Truth or Something Close To It
10. Hugs
11. The Last Thing I Need
12. January Sun

Monster Mashers (1984)
1. Crushin' On You
2. Did You Hear That?
3. Change is Inevitable
4. Subversive Thoughts
5. Far Below
6. Screaming to Scream
7. Shocking and Rolling
8. Godzilla's Got Gonorrhea
9. If It Sticks

Gardening Secrets (1985)
1. Cholera!
2. Dress Me
3. Wailing Old House
4. He Knows the Way
5. Mourned and Neglected
6. Fresh Air Will Kill Me
7. Returned
8. That Damned Dickon
9. What We Cultivate
10. Forgiveness (Gardening Secrets)

Heart Like a Flying Car (1987)
1. I Am the Robot
2. Ever Again
3. Would It Be Pathetic If I Asked Again
4. Pulse of the Night
5. Goodbye For the First Time
6. Flying You Home
7. Unexplained
8. Your Point of View
9. Inside, Outside, Upside Down
10. Outro, pt. 1

Tail (Lights) (1987)
1. Tail (Lights)

My Handlebar Mustache (1987)
1. My Handlebar Mustache

If You're Thinking Of Going (1987)
1. If You're Thinking Of Going

Do The Math (You + Me) (1987)
1. Do the Math (You + Me)

Maybe If You're Lucky (1987)
1. Maybe If You're Lucky

April's Over (1987)
1. April's Over

Full-Throated (1987)
1. Full-Throated

At That One Restaurant You Like (1987)
1. At That One Restaurant You Like

Just Background Vocals (1987)
1. Just Background Vocals

Things I Pretended To Like (1987)
1. Things I Pretended To Like

Have We Lost Our Minds, Yes We Have (1988)
1. Pale and Ravenous Demon
2. A Gentleman, He?
3. Worse Than Dislike
4. Dreadful Little Mind
5. In the Small Hours
6. They Absolutely Decline
7. A Romantic Revival
8. Merely Bewildered
9. There Was Everything

Live On - Live (1989)
Recorded circa 1982
1. Intro / Flute Solo
2. Just Enough To Squeeze
3. Love Sprouts
4. Gretchen
5. That Hurt
6. Gettin' My Hands Dirty
7. Not a Soul But Us
8. Still Life In Mono
9. Stolen Girlfriend
10. Talk To Me
11. Subversive Thoughts
12. Foilage All Over You
13. Exactly Right For Me
14. In With the New
15. Sequoias Of Your Heart
16. We're An American Band (Grand Funk Railroad cover)

Songs For the Year 1996 (1992)
1. Four Years From Now
2. Take Off Your Pants
3. How It Used To Be
4. Apocalypse Then
5. Dystopic
6. Addition by Addition
7. Luddite Blues
8. It's Pretty Much the Same
9. That's What I Said
10. Off the Rails
11. Food, Shelter, Clothing
12. Cog in the Machine

Songs For they Year 2006 (1993)
1. Hey! It's the Future!
2. Sci-Fi Epic
3. Behind the Shadow
4. You Are Still Very Young
5. Fear Himself
6. Strangers Here
7. Our Human Limitations
8. Come In Peace
9. Willing Suspension of Belief
10. What On Earth?
11. Nostalgasm

We Refuse To Pun the Word Cover (1994)
(original artist is in parentheses)
1. Hell Is For Children (Pat Benetar)
2. Anyone Can See (Irene Cara)
3. Edge Of Seventeen (Stevie Nicks)
4. You Make Me Want To Make You Mine (Juice Newton)
5. Spanish Eddie (Laura Branigan)
6. Words Get In the Way (Gloria Estefan)
7. Silly (Deniece Williams)
8. You Should Hear How She Talks About You (Melissa Manchester)
9. Could I Have This Dance (Anne Murray)
10. When The Lightning Strikes Again (Sheena Easton)

A Life In a Day (1995)
instrumental album
1. Antelopes Stampeding (Parts 3 and 4)
2. The Sound of a Cabinet Door
3. A Lock On St.Peter's Gate
4. Traipses
5. Just Noise
6. This Is What You Were Looking For
7. Parade Through An Empty Town
8. Snippets From A Carnival
9. A Life In a Day

Underplayed (1996)
1. Get Ready Get Set
2. Stick It To Me
3. Animal Appetite
4. Underplayed
5. Madmen
6. Infamous
7. Maui
8. When Were You Planning On Telling Me?
9. In My Sights
10. Say Amen Later
11. You Don't Do It For Me
12. Her Desires
13. Eclipse on Saturday
14. Mundane Life

Exercise Bike (1997)
1. Exercise Bike
2. I'm Your Woman
3. We're Better Than Everybody Else
4. Facial Expressions
5. I'm Leaving Now
6. If It Takes Five Minutes
7. Are You Impressed?
8. Continental Divide
9. It Happened Again
10. Empty Plates
11. Santa's Lament
12. Is That It?

Songs From Our Next Album - Live (1999)
1. Found Salvation In a Cereal Box
2. A Laughing Matter
3. I'll Get Home Three Days After Tomorrow at About Ten O'Clock But No Later Than One On The Following Day
4. Just a Little
5. Call Back Later
6. Oh Ah Eh Uh
7. Shake That Thing One More Time, Ricky
8. New Pair of Sneakers
9. With This Love (Avec ca Amour) (with Celine Dion)
10. Love You Like a Cardboard Box

We're Actually Serious, Really (1999)
1. Found Salvation In a Cereal Box
2. A Laughing Matter
3. I'll Get Home Three Days After Tomorrow at About Ten O'Clock But No Later Than One On The Following Day
4. Just a Little
5. Call Back Later
6. Oh Ah Eh Uh
7. Shake That Thing One More Time, Ricky
8. New Pair of Sneakers
9. With This Love (Avec ca Amour) (with Celine Dion)
10. Love You Like a Cardboard Box
11. I'm Sick Of Your Sh*t

No Expiration Date (2008)
1. Landing on the Sun
2. Hair Gel
3. I Don't Know What's Real Anymore, So I Guess That Means I'm Psychotic
4. Hey, Fever
5. Guaranteed Fresh
6. Song for the Next Generation (You Can Thank Us Later)
7. What If, Maybe, I Suppose
8. Plant One On Me
9. We're All One Culture
10. Released Intro
11. Released

Coming In (2009)
(original artist is in parentheses)
1. "Tits on the Radio" (Scissor Sisters)
2. "Black Boys on Mopeds" (Sinead O'Connor)
3. "Release the Stars" (Rufus Wainwright)
4. "Monkey" (George Michael)
5. "Opportunities (Let's Make Lots of Money)" (Pet Shop Boys)
6. "Don't Want To Know If You Are Lonely" (Husker Du)
7. "Little Jeannie" (Elton John)
8. "Chains of Love" (Erasure)
9. "History of Us" (Indigo Girls)
10. "Saint Tropez" (Ricky Martin)
11. "Turbo Lover" (Judas Priest)

Inmortality (2011)
1. "Sounds Like an Impressionist Painting"
2. "In Decay"
3. "Black Tie Only"
4. "Mate"
5. "Iridium"
6. "Amelia"
7. "Possessive Rant"
8. "Fill Me"
9. "Karaoke Night"
10. "Get Over Here"
11. "Under the Tundra"
12. "It's Been a Long"
13. "No Comment" (hidden bonus track)

Prodigal Sunshine (2019)
Tracks 1,3,5, 8, and 9 were based on demos from the bands earliest days as The Coldsmen
1. "Dear Alistair"
2. "I Thought It Was Mine"
3.  "Kent's Cavern"
4. "April Showers '19"
5. "Film Song"
6. "Haunted Homes and Ghoulish Gardens"
7. "Put Her There"
8. "Every Man's Land"
9. "Weekend's End" (feat. Lil Jon)

II. Compilations

Worst Hits (1988)
1. Tail (Lights)
2. I Am the Robot
3. Goodbye For the First Time
4. Inside, Outside, Upside Down
5. Flying You Home
6. Sequoias Of Your Heart
7. Pulse of the Night
8. Ever Again
9. Would It Be Pathetic If I Asked Again
10. Unexplained
11. Pillow Silence*
12. You're My Ruler*
*new songs

They Weren't Good Enough To Be On The Albums (1992)
(b-sides and rarities)
1. Miranda Rights
2. The Difference Between Eggshell and Off-White
3. John Wesley's Secretary
4. Frigidaire Assembly Plant
5. Boy Talk
6. Ask Again Later
7. Restaurant Napkins
8. Just A Pawn
9. 9/10ths Of The Law
10. Impersonation
11. I Can't Get Behind (Getting Out Front)
12. Blockbuster

More Worst Hits (1998)
1. Stick It To Me
2. Take Off Your Pants
3. Just Noise
4. Words Get In the Way
5. Sequoias of Your Heart '98 *
6. Merely Bewildered
7. Exercise Bike
8. Men & Women
9. Infamous
10. You Are Still Very Young
11. In With the New (Moby remix) *
12. Santa's Lament
13. Crystal Vase *
14. I'm Saying I Love You Because You Said It First *
*new or previously unreleased songs

Refrigerate After Opening (2019)
box set
Disc 1 (1979-1985)
1. The Coldsmen - "Cardamom, Basil, Oregano, and Chives"
2. The Coldsmen - "Mrs. Winkelbottom"
3. "Stolen Girlfriend"
4. "Not a Soul But Us"
5. "Sequoias of Your Heart"
6. "Gettin' My Hands Dirty" (live)
7. "Nigel's Party"
8. "Mona Lisa"
9. "Tell the Truth or Something Close To It"
10. "Screaming to Scream"
11. "King of My Kong" (rare b-side)
12. "If It Sticks"
13. "Dress Me"

Disc 2 (1987-1995)
1. "I Am the Robot"
2. "Inside, Outside, Upside Down"
3. "Tail (Lights)"
4. "Do the Math (You + Me)"
5. "Yours (If You Want)" (from the Crocodile Dundee II soundtrack)
6. "Merely Bewildered"
7. Ricky Hornblatt - "Sam and Diane"
8. Nigel Hornblower - "I Put a Bullet in a Lawman"
9. Elvis Hornman - "In Regards to Your Special Order"
10. Hornel Lieberman - "Three Hundred Sixty Degrees"
11. Colin Porthorn - "If You See Marlene"
12. "Luddite Blues"
13. "Apocalypse Then"
14. "Willing Suspension of Disbelief"
15. "Nostalgasm" (Chemical Brothers remix)
16. "You Should Hear How She Talks About You"

Disc 3 (1996-2011)
1. "Stick It To Me"
2.  "Underplayed"
3. "Exercise Bike"
4. "Santa's Lament"
5. "Crystal Vase"
6. "New Pair of Sneakers"
7. "Shake That Thing One More Time, Ricky" (live)
8. "With This Love (Avec ca Amour)" (with Celine Dion)
9. "Song for the Next Generation (You Can Thank Us Later)"
10. "Guaranteed Fresh"
11. "Saint Tropez"
12. "Karaoke Night"
13. "Possessive Rant"
14. "No Comment" (Spanish language version)

III. Solo Albums

Ricky Hornblatt: Fencepost (1990)
1. M-80
2. Riding Sidecar
3. Song for the Man
4. Sam and Diane
5. Red Barns
6. Storm In the Fields
7. Rusty Nails in a Fencepost
8. I Want A Girl
9. Take A Look

Nigel Hornblower: Hullabaloops (1990)
1. The Way You Do That
2. Laughter In Hell
3. Crack
4. I Put A Bullet In a Lawman
5. Hullabaloops
6. Witching Minute
7. Beautiful This Evening
8. Speeding Underground

Elvis Hornman: Verse Chorus Verse (1990)
1. Sung Intro
2. Verse Chorus Verse
3. Here Is What I Think About Watering Lawns
4. Ode to a Forgotten Teddy Bear
5. Osirus
6. Things I've Seen (Part 1)
7. Words of Praise (for Malcom and Martin and John)
8. Army Vehicles
9. Another To Go Please
10. Tanzania
11. Love In Oslo
12. In Regards to Your Special Order
13. They Called Him Tsunami
14. Inpretensious
15. Things I've Seen (Part 2)

Hornel Lieberman: A Warm Bowl of Chili (1990)
1. Here She Comes Again
2. Three Hundred Sixty Degrees
3. I Like Spending My Time With You
4. At the Counter
5. Sarcastic Girl
6. She's Clumsy
7. Clear Skies in Autumn
8. Only For Others
9. Any Way Possible
10. Painting Without Blue

Colin Porthorn: Mystery Pants (1990)
1. Brooke
2. Debbie
3. Patricia
4. Deena
5. If You See Marlene
6. Erica
7. Debra Jo
8. Oh Patsy
9. Mary
10. Ashley

Colin Porthorn: "Show (Me) Your Passion" (2010) (single)

IV. Bootlegs

The Coldsmen: Live From Stankey's on 3rd (1986)

At the height of Refrigerated Love's popularity this bootleg from a 1980 Coldsmen performance was widely (and illegally) circulated. It's a fascinating look into the early songwriting of Nigel Hornblower and Colin Porthorn, but is marred by poor sound quality and nearly constant audience jeering.
1. April Showers
2. Cardamom, Basil, Oregano, and Chives
3. Stolen Girlfriend (early version)
4. Mrs. Winkelbottom
5. County Fair
6. Sound of Noise


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