Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Decade of Compilations

To properly summarize the decade, many music-loving individuals and organizations create lists of favorite albums. I considered doing that, and then realized that all the information is already available. It's right here.

For me, songs tell the real story of my musical decade. The just-completed Top 100 of the 2000's list are songs that my friends and I feel both define and transcend the Aughts, but they aren't necessarily my personal favorites. So what about those?

In the last couple of years I've posted the tracklists for my annual compilations (here's 2007 and 2008; scroll to the bottom), but my compilations from 2000 to 2006 (I didn't start officially making them until 2003, the first three are retroactive) haven't been revealed on the blog.

Let's fix that.


1) The Strokes: Hard To Explain, 2) Ghostface Killah: Saturday Nite, 3) Supergrass: Mary, 4) Lloyd Cole: Past Imperfect, 5) Aimee Mann: Ghost World, 6) Ultimate Fakebook: Tell Me What You Want, 7) Barenaked Ladies: Pinch Me, 8) Eels: Mr. E's Beautiful Blues, 9) Robbie Williams: Kids, 10) The Anniversary: Perfectly, 11) Jimmy Eat World: No Sensitivity, 12) The Wallflowers: Sleepwalker, 13) The Jayhawks: I'm Gonna Make You Love Me, 14) Teenage Fanclub: I Need Direction, 15) Sun Sawed In Half: Shining Knight, 16) Vince Gill: Feels Like Love, 17) David Gray: Babylon, 18) Everclear: Learning How To Smile


1) Ryan Adams: New York, New York, 2) Jimmy Eat World: A Praise Chorus, 3) Cake: Never There, 4) Ben Folds: Not the Same, 5) Eels: Fresh Feeling, 6) Kings of Convenience: Singing Softly To Me, 7) Old 97s: Buick City Complex, 8) Rufus Wainwright: California, 9) The Orange Peels: Mystery Lawn, 10) Semisonic: Follow, 11) Shawn Colvin: A Whole New You, 12) Jay-Z: Heart of the City (Ain't No Love), 13) Sloan: Dreaming Of You, 14) They Might Be Giants: Man It's So Loud In Here, 15) Weezer: Don't Let Go, 16) No Doubt: Don't Let Me Down, 17) David Byrne: Like Humans Do, 18) Stuart Davis: Savoring Samsara, 19) The Dismemberment Plan: Ellen and Ben, 20) De La Soul: Trying People


1) Rhett Miller: This Is What I Do, 2) Kylie Minogue: Love At First Sight, 3) Phantom Planet: Always On My Mind, 4) Ok Go: You're So Damn Hot, 5) Supergrass: Grace, 6) Jay-Z, feat. Beyonce: '03 Bonnie and Clyde, 7) Justin Timberlake: Rock Your Body, 8) X-Press 2, feat. David Byrne: Lazy, 9) Get Up Kids: Overdue, 10) Joseph Arthur: Honey and the Moon, 11) Neil Finn: Anytime, 12) Brendan Benson: Tiny Spark, 13) Jurassic Five: Break, 14) Counting Crows: Hard Candy, 15) Storyhill: What Was Wrong, 16) Vermont: Ballad of Larry Bird, 17) Vicious Vicious: Shake Your Ass On the Dancefloor, 18) Tori Amos: A Sorta Fairytale, 19) The Wallflowers: If You Never Got Sick, 20) Foo Fighters: All My Life


1) Outkast: Hey Ya!, 2) Pernice Brothers: Weakest Shade of Blue, 3) Mark Bacino: Rockin' Mood, 4) The Exploding Hearts: Sleeping Aides and Razor Blades, 5) The Rosebuds: Kicks In the Schoolyard, 6) Barnaked Ladies: Take It Outside, 7) Teitur: You're the Ocean, 8) John Mayer: Home Life, 9) My Morning Jacket: Golden, 10) Zwan: Honestly, 11) Mandy Moore: Can We Still Be Friends, 12) Kathleen Edwards: Six O'Clock News, 13) Nada Surf: The Way You Wear Your Head, 14) Death Cab For Cutie: The Sound of Settling, 15) The Postal Service: Nothing Better, 16) Kenna: Freetime, 17) Junior Senior: Move Your Feet, 18) Pharrell, feat. Jay-Z: Frontin', 19) Black Eyed Peas: Hands Up, 20) Eels: Saturday Morning, 21) Rufus Wainwright: I Don't Know What It Is, 22) The Dandy Warhols: The Last High


1) The Shins: We Will Become Silhouettes, 2) Scisssor Sisters: Take Your Mama, 3) Modest Mouse: Float On, 4) The Get-Up Kids: How Long Is Too Long?, 5) The Killers: Somebody Told Me, 6) The Rosenbergs: Department Store Girl, 7) Hanson: Penny & Me, 8) Duran Duran: Want You More!, 9) Supergrass: Kiss Of Life, 10) Danger Mouse: Change Clothes, 11) The Roots: Somebody's Gotta Do It, 12) Dogs Die In Hot Cars: I Love You 'Cause I Have To, 13) R.E.M. feat. Q-Tip: The Outsiders, 14) Kanye West: Jesus Walks, 15) Delays: Nearer Than Heaven, 16) The Honeydogs: 10,000 Years, 17) Rilo Kiley: Love and War (11/11/46), 18) Olympic Hopefuls: Shy, 19) Prince: Call My Name, 20) Sloan: Live On, 21) Jimmy Eat World: Work, 22) Beastie Boys: That's It That's All


1) Carbon Leaf: What About Everything?, 2) Collective Soul: Better Now, 3) Futureheads: Meantime, 4) Alva Star: Tornado Girl, 5) Melissa Auf Der Maur: Would If I Could, 6) Tears For Fears: Call Me Mellow, 7) Arcade Fire: Wake Up, 8) Kylie Minogue: I Believe In You, 9) Bright Eyes: Take It Easy (Love Nothing), 10) Chomsky: Light, 11) Old 97s: Won't Be Home, 12) KT Tunstall: Other Side of the World, 13) Hem: An Easy One, 14) The Hold Steady: The Swish, 15) Green Day: She's A Rebel, 16) Annie: Heartbeat, 17) Kelly Clarkson: Walk Away, 18) Talib Kweli: We Got the Beat, 19) Kings of Convenience: I'd Rather Dance With You, 20) Lisa Loeb: Fools Like Me, 21) Candy Butchers: Nice To Know You, 22) Iron and Wine: Such Great Heights


1) The Perceptionists: People 4 Prez, 2) Atmosphere: Watch Out, 3) Gorillaz: Feel Good Inc., 4) Halloween, Alaska: I Can't Live Without My Radio, 5) Vicious Vicious: Here Come the Police, 6) Melodious Owl: Boom Bam, 7) Nada Surf: Blankest Year, 8) Motion City Soundtrack: When "You're" Around, 9) The New Pornographers: Use It, 10) Erasure: Here I Go Impossible Again, 11) Ivy: Keep Moving, 12) Death Cab For Cutie: Soul Meets Body, 13) Alkaline Trio: Dethbed, 14) The Hold Steady: Cattle and the Creeping Things, 15) Spoon: I Summon You, 16) Kathleen Edwards: Back To You, 17) Joanna James: Waiting So Long, 18) Jack Johnson: Better Together, 19) The Rosebuds: Hold Hands and Fight, 20) Glen Phillips: Easier, 21) Ben Taylor: Nothing I Can Do, 22) Ok Go: Here It Goes Again, 23) The Wallflowers: All Things New Again

2006 (so far)

1) The Strokes: Razorblade, 2) Morningwood: Nth Degree, 3) Belle and Sebastian: The Blues Are Still Blue, 4) Rhett Miller: Help Me, Suzanne, 5) Neko Case: Hold On, Hold On, 6) Morrissey: You Have Killed Me, 7) Prince: Black Sweat, 8) Hanz Erik and the Hims: Girl Up In My Mind, 9) Donald Fagen: What I Do, 10) Secret Machines: Lightning Blue Eyes, 11) Teddy Thompson: That's Enough Out Of You, 12) Red Hot Chili Peppers: Make You Feel Better, 13) The Raconteurs: Steady As She Goes, 14) Gnarls Barkley: Crazy, 15) Rock Kills Kid: Midnight, 16) Snow Patrol: Shut Your Eyes, 17) The Concretes: Song For the Songs, 18) Dixie Chicks: So Hard, 19) Damone: You're the One, 20) Slow Runner: You're In Luck

(the rest of) 2006

1) David Mead: Hallelujah, I Was Wrong, 2) The Wreckers: Leave the Pieces, 3) Camera Obscura: Lloyd, I'm Ready To Be Heartbroken, 4) Ronnie Milsap: Every Fire, 5) Mary J. Blige & U2: One, 6) Soul Asylum: All Is Well, 7) Leroy Smokes: Kill the DJ, 8) Corinne Bailey Rae: Trouble Sleeping, 9) Elton John: Just Like Noah's Ark, 10) Beyonce, feat. Jay-Z: Deja Vu, 11) Christina Aguilara: Ain't No Other Man, 12) The Roots: Clock With No Hands, 13) What Made Milwaukee Famous: Hellodrama, 14) The Honeydogs: Too Close To The Sun, 15) John Mayer: Slow Dancing In A Burning Room, 16) Scissor Sisters: Lights, 17) Teitur: Louis Louis, 18) Regina Spektor: On the Radio, 19) The Hold Steady: Stuck Between Stations

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