Saturday, May 03, 2008

Top 100 Songs of the '70s

A couple of years ago, in response to a Pitchfork list of The 200 Greatest Songs of the '60s, I called on some friends to help me compile our own (newly redesigned and revised) Top 200 Songs of the '80s. A little while after that we repeated the feat, and produced the (also newly redesigned and revised) Top 200 Songs of the '90s.

All the while, that last little missing decade has been waiting patiently for its turn in the spotlight. Well, '70s, your time has come!

I think you'll be surprised at the depth and breadth of this maligned decade. God willing, I'll be posting 10 entries every day or two until the list is complete. Check it out and enjoy: Top 100 Songs of the '70s


Wedding Fascinators said...

I just love songs from the 70s. bring on more!

Steve Warwick said...

I just love 70s music too. I listen to it all the time in my tractor.

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