Friday, May 16, 2008

2008 a

If you haven't noticed, I started 2008 with a renewed commitment to posting regularly on 3 Minutes, 49 Seconds. If that has faltered in the last couple of weeks, it's only because my energies have been focused on the Top 100 Songs of the '70s list. Go look at it if you haven't already; I'll wait.

Every year I make two mixes of songs that move me, one for each half of the year. The time has come to share the tracklisting for the first half of 2008 (I know, technically we haven't had 6 months yet, but humor me).

The artwork you see to the right is courtesy of Sam Brown. Check his stuff out here. Take a look at the tracks that made it:

1. The B-52's - Hot Corner
2. The Old 97's - Dance With Me
3. Liam Finn - Energy Spent
4. Nada Surf - I Like What You Say
5. Chris Walla - Everybody Needs a Home
6. Kathleen Edwards - Oil Man's War
7. Tift Merritt - Another Country
8. Kid Dakota - Stars
9. The Republic Tigers - Weatherbeaten
10. Dave Dill - Never So Beautiful
11. Supergrass - Rebel In You
12. Gary Louris - To Die a Happy Man

New reviews are coming soon!

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Any major dude with half a heart said...

Oh, the Edwards and Merritt albums are fantastic.

Have you checked out the Weepies' album? Also wonderful. And the new Death Cab For Cutie album might be worth considering.