Thursday, January 03, 2008

12 by Fountains Of Wayne

Here's the drill: 12 songs to sum up an artist's career, in chronological order (of course).

Week 1

The key with FOW is to create a good balance between their rocking songs and their ballads, while also representing their variety of styles.

1. Radiation Vibe (Fountains Of Wayne, 1996)
Their opening song is still one of their best.

2. She's Got A Problem (Fountains Of Wayne, 1996)
This was the first inkling of FOW as songwriters in the Billy Joel-character-sketch vein.

3. I've Got A Flair (Fountains Of Wayne, 1996)
A rare narrator of unabashed confidence.

4. Red Dragon Tattoo (Utopia Parkway, 1999)
On the other hand, the first of many self-deluded, well-meaning narrators.

5. Troubled Times (Utopia Parkway, 1999)
The poster child for all of those "why wasn't that a hit?" songs.

6. Stacey's Mom (Welcome Interstate Managers, 2003)
And then the actual hit.

7. Hackensack (Welcome Interstate Managers, 2003)
The best song containing a reference to Christopher Walken ever written.

8. Hey Julie (Welcome Interstate Managers, 2003)
Ever had a crappy job and a happy home life? This sparkling song is about that.

9. Maureen (Out-Of-State Plates, 2005)
An ode to that self-involved female friend who knows you have a crush on her but will never give it up.

10. I Know You Well (Out-Of-State Plates, 2005)
I picked this sweet ditty mostly for the bridge, which sticks in my craw.

11. Yolanda Hayes (Traffic & Weather, 2007)
In its own way, as scintillating a come on as Marvin Gaye's Let's Get It On. Plus, horns!

12. Fire In The Canyon (Traffic & Weather, 2007)
Eagles eat your heart out.

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