Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Baby, I'm a Star

If you have ever perused the sidebar over there to your right, you may or may not have noticed a blog of mine called Baby, I'm a Star. You may have visited once or twice. If you're especially astute, you probably noticed that I haven't posted anything there in 3 years.

The goal of Baby, I'm a Star is simple: I watch some of pop music's most famous and infamous films and then I write about them. Since there are literally hundreds of films to choose from, I initially picked 30 in 6 different categories (The Pop Music Movie, the Starring Vehicle, the Biopic, the Documentary, the Musical, and the Fake Band) to focus on. When I left off in 2006, I had written about 20 films.

In returning to the project, my ambition has expanded. So in addition to the 10 from my original list, I'll be watching and writing about 6 more films. My new mission is to post one per week, until the project is finally finished. I've also slightly redesingned the blog, and added an index for easy browsing through the archives.

The marriage of pop music and cinema is a volatile one. For every glimpse of true love, there's an awful spat brewing. I hope you'll join me in watching it all unfold. The first of the final 16 films is Spiceworld, a 1997 gem featuring everyone's favorite British singing group phenomenon. Enjoy!

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