Wednesday, July 28, 2004

A Change Is Gonna Come

I have just completed a thorough and exhaustive spreadsheet cataloging of all of the CDs I own, and as a result I've been inspired to reconsider my yearly lists (located on the sidebar to your right), as well as my overall list of favorite albums (also conveniently located on the sidebar to your right).

One revelation: 1966, 1982, and 1999 were awesome years.  Another revelation: 8 is almost always better than ten.  Once I got to the revision process I realized that several years had some padding in their top ten lists, and would benefit from some belt-tightening.  So you'll find now that years will have a top 5, 8, or 10.  Years that had less than 5 don't get any love. 

This process has set about a series of thoughts that may or may not be worth following through on.  Namely, do prefrences change based on the season?  Would these lists be completely different in the dead of the Minnesota winter?  Though most lists did not change much, the 2003 list once again metamorphisized and took on records that did not even get much consideration in December / January.  Is it the wisdom of time or the effect of the sun's rays on my brain?

Anyway, check it out!

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